Can't login into my ionic view account

Hey guys, i can’t login into my ionic view account and even when im trying to log in into my usual account it says that :
Please enter a correct email and password. Note that both fields may be case-sensitive.
even it is the correct email and password.
I can login with the same Email and password here:
any ideas ??

Where exactly are you trying to log in?
If it is in the app, what kind of icon does it have - blue or white?

White is the legacy Ionic View app that has a dashboard (and account) at
Blue is the new Ionic View app (only available for iOS right now) that has its dashboard (and accounts) at only links to the new one now.

Here is an official help article on that:

Please contact Ionic support if this is causing you trouble, so they know about it:

now i see, i was using the legacy so that i couldn’t be able to login.
And because there isn’t any Pro version for Android at the moment, i still can’t login. or i need an iphone.
i know now that my account is Pro not legacy but how can i create a new legacy account or just i can’t any more ?

I think you can’t do that any more. But again, I have no deeper insight. You should really contact Ionic team, they can give you authorative answers: (Keep us updated if you learn something interesting!)

I contacted with them yesterday but they still did’t reply yet. I will keep this Topic up-to-date when i get more info.
Thanks anyway, your answers really helped me.

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