Ionic view - problem with login and registration


I tried to register a new account in ionic view, and I can’t do this. All I get is red “c” at the top of the page.
After I registered in the web at, and confirmed my email, I get “Invalid credentials” when I try to log in in Ionic view.

Do anyone else have this problem?
Is there any solution to this?

Even I have the same problem and I bumped into few more posts who has this problem.
So it seems that the issue is in the Ionic View App

Hi everyone!

Same here. i was having problems login with the CLI too. I solve that, but Ionic View still says: “Invalid Credentials”.

How did you sovle login with the CLI?
I also have problem with it.

There are two Ionic View apps:
A legacy one with a white icon and a blue Ionic logo, and a new one with a blue icon and a white Ionic logo. If you have an account from you want to have the new, blue one and use the Ionic git process from Ionic Pro.
If you still have an account from you need the legacy Ionic View app and use ionic upload.

Thanks @Sujan12.

So, this mean that if I have an Android Phone I cant use Ionic View for now because there is no “new” app for Android isn’t it?

Hi @wryba I changed the backend to pro and after that I’am able to login with the CLI. To change the backend just type from an administrator console:

ionic config set -g backend pro

Hope this help you.

Seems that way. I don’t understand that either.

I get the same error also when using the legacy ionic view app

Yes, me too. It is really annoying that no one from Ionic would even respond to this. I know that I can “go pro” but I am just a hobbyist in Ionic (I’m trying to develop an app or two to show off at work) and the free pro version is much more limited than what we have had. If this is what they intended to happen, I think that they should have communicated this better. If not, they should have addressed it.

I was getting that error too. It fixed after I confirmed my e-mail and moved to blue icon Ionic View App. Haven’t seen this answer here.