When will be the new Ionic View for Android launched?

I’m teaching a Ionic class in university.
Ionic View is a only tool to check homework and exam.

But, My student could not login to the legacy Ionic View with new IDs that created today.
I figure out It’s because Ionic is moving from the legacy cloud to the new Pro.

In my case,
If my students cannot sign up and log in to legacy cloud, We need new Ionic View for Android in hurry.
If we have to wait for new Ionic View for Android for months, We need to sign up and log in to the legacy cloud.

Any help, please?
I prepare this lecture for months, But I’m in panic because of Ionic View problem between legacy Cloud and new Pro.

Nothing we people in the forum can do about that, sorry :confused:


… Android Coming Soon

You can contact support here: http://ionicframework.com/support#support
Or inside the dashboard using the Intercom button on the bottom right.