Cannot create account on ionic view app

Using the ionic view legacy app, I cannot create an account. A red ‘c’ appears above the username. All of the fields have green ticks next to them.

Is this just a problem with the software or am I doing something wrong?

Use to create an account and log in with the Ionic View legacy app.

Thanks @Sujan12 .

Ok, i tried that.

I created a new account for testing, and selected the free account.

I then tried to log into the app using the email and password I’d just entered and got ‘invalid credentials.’

Can you advise please - any help much appreciated. I am trying to get my clients to test their app and this is getting a little embarassing for me,

Even I am having the same problem.

@Sujan12 says : Notice: Access to the Ionic Cloud dashboard and API services is deprecated and will no longer be available to existing Cloud users as of January 31, 2018. In order to continue to use our services, you’ll need to migrate to Ionic Pro. If you have questions or concerns please email us at

This is confusing…!!

Read what OP posted: He is using the legacy Ionic View app (white icon with blue Ionic logo on it). For this to work you have to use ionic upload and do everything on - which will be deprecated at Jan 31, 2018. Nothing confusing about this.

Seems signing up on is disabled and redirects to the new

I can’t help here, you have to talk to Ionic people who made this change:

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Thanks @Sujan12, very helpful - i’ll get in touch with them.

Please let us know if some solution comes up. I am having the same problem.

OK. Apparently I cannot use the Ionic View App because there still no version for Android. It is coming soon, according to this:

On the other hand I also had trouble trying to link my apps from the CLI because of the same problem with the login. This link solved the issue for me:

I use the Ionic View app for Android for 6 monthes. Looks like you made something wrong. Still this app will be terminated in 2018.
What is your issue to install it?

Oh, I created my account yesterday. I am an Angular developer but new to Ionic. I have installed the edge version for everything (even for Node) so I am working with Ionic v3. But apparently when you create an account now it belongs to the new back end which is not connected whatsoever to the legacy one. The app you are using is the same one I downloaded yesterday from Google Play, with the white icon, therefore connected to the old back end system. So for new accounts such as my one you need to use the iOS app or wait for the Android one with the blue icon, according to the link I just posted.

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@kaplan81 Yes you are right, to get to Ionic View and management, will be slowly terminated in beginning 2018. Not sure if you can still open accounts there. It seems like, the new cloud console will be located at with a “pro” subscription.

@FrancoisIonic Ionic Pro and the old dashboard seem to be a “little” messed up right now, that’s why people are having problems. Consider yourself lucky you still have an account in the old dashboard, otherwise you would have the same :wink: