Cant Login In ionic View App in my Mobile and Desktop

i am new for ionic framework and i heard about ionic view app for mobile.
so i thought it is easy to represnt app online in it as per change made by me.
i dont waste my time to debug app in Android simulator and direct show my app to client using ionic account.but i cant login in ionic view app as starter.

(The page is wrong though, the new View is now also available for Android)

Also: Ionic View doesn’t exist for Desktop.

i cant login from =>
but how can i know my account is pro or legacy
if ionic viewapp for pro is not available then how can i signup in legacy

Try to log in both.

Read what I wrote: They are available now.
Blue icon = new (, white icon = old (

It is confusing for outsiders

It’s confusing for insiders as well…

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Take it you’re not a fan of the direction

Oh, Ionic Pro is awesome. Migration processes in production are always painful.