Caniuse equivalent for ionic


I’m a web developer and I’m new to ionic. I’m about to write hybrid mobile application using ionic (with html,css and js).
I would like to get a site who lists all the features ionic support, just like there is in [][1] for chrome, IE etc.

I need this kind of site because I would like to know which html, css and JS capabilities are supported in ionic.
If there is a difference between android and ios versions with regard to support html, css and JS features I would like to know that either.

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Please look at ionic framework’s overview
Ionic is based on Phonegap, which is a cross platform technology that helps you build easily mobile applications. Another adventage of it is that you write your code in angularJS.
That means, when you say you want to know the features ionic supports, it is like writing your website using any other plugins. Do some reading about Phonegap to know about the differences between each operating system and what are the quirks in each one of them.

Also, take a look at what other beginers like you were asking lately:

Hope this helps :smile: