What the best ionic vs native app?

hello guys can u all help me? i just want compare ionic with native app on android and ios in ionic 1.
i just not know what ionic doesn’t suport.
just i know

  1. ionic not support GLES for gaming
  2. ionic not support video player or music player ?
    and please help me to know what not support on ionic vs native app like ios and android

Essentially, Ionic can do anything a native app can because it can access native functionality through Cordova. The main difference is that Ionic runs inside of a browser view, so it doesn’t have access to as much power (which is usually only an issue with things that require heavy processing, complex animations, etc). It’s also quite awkward to display native components in an Ionic app (like adding the native Google Maps SDK) but that’s not a very common use case.

  1. Ionic/cordova app can’t interact with home screen widgets (or say you cant make a widget with ionic/cordova) unless you tweak your app with java , or come up with some cordova plugin.

  2. You can’t use a inApp camera in a cordova/ionic app.

Basically above are the requirements , which made me think whether to opt for an hybrid app or not.

There are plugins for media playing but none is complete , like some features like repeat/loop are to be implemented by the developer. Every plugin has some shortcoming here and there.

There many things a hybrid app cant do. But , if you know whether hybrid app can implement everything you need then Ionic is the best choice :stuck_out_tongue: