I'm a newbie

I’m a newbie, I want to know more about ionicframework, plzz help me

using Ionic framework you can make hybrid mobile application.

  • You need to write code once and ionic help you to build app for various platform like Android, ios, Microsoft, etc.

  • did you know about PWA(Progressive Web App)? using ionic you can make PWA app for batter performance and faster use? for more click here:https://ionicframework.com/pwa


  • here are some advantages and disadvantages of ionic framework


  • Ionic Advantages

Develop an app once, and deploy across iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
The use of AngularJS creates a powerful SDK, for building rich and robust applications.
Framework’s focus on HTML, CSS, and JS enables quick development, low costs, and minimal maintenance.

  • Ionic Disadvantages

In-app performance may not be as swift as if the application were developed natively for each device.
The use of AngularJS demands that developers have a specific skillset for building complex apps.
Building in-app navigation can be notably complex, as the ui-router is tricky to maneuver at present.

Please add that that’s your point of view. I think that routing is not complicated, respectively fairly easy, and performance are good. I don’t say there aren’t disadvantages but I’m definitely not agree with these two.

Op is asking I guess about where to start. Have for example a look to the tutorials of https://www.joshmorony.com/ or https://ionicacademy.com/ these are good to start and to improve, even later I always check them