Ionic framework - Platform supported?

I couldn’t find any official documentation about what all platform ionic framework supports? From documentation its clear that it support, iOS and Android. But how about Windows and black berry? Does ionic supports them? If not, do they have any plan to support it in future?

This is what I found (Browser Support):

For Ionic 1.0.0 “uranium-unicorn”, that means UIWebView for iOS 7+, and Android 4.1 and up. Windows Phone and FirefoxOS support is on our roadmap.

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Thanks for information.
I read many people using phonegap build with ionic. What is purpose of using it when ionic provides you a way to create native app. Is it for supporting additional platform which ionic doesnt support on its own?

Ionic actually uses cordova (same open sourced tools as phonegap) to build the apps. Ionic does not build native apps, it builds hybrid ones. What the ionic framework provides is the native look and feel and the user interface interactions. For a more detailed explanation you can read up here:

Edit: The service phonegap provides is they build the html/css/js you provide targeted directly for the many platforms you wish to target. Basically, instead of your computer’s resources being used to build the app, you use their servers on the cloud and they probably facilitate some of the deployment processes you would normally do yourself (it’s owned by adobe and you can expect a cost to be attached to the service)

Thanks for information.
Now since ionic doesnt provide support for windows and blackberry os for now, and phone gap build provides support for most of platforms, Can I take code developed in ionic and target it for windows and BB os using phone gap? Or there are some complication involved?

As @encodedmirko mentioned and link provided… I am pasting more content from link here:

This is ionic docs link, there is also ionic v2 mentioned.

Ionic 1
Ionic V1 is focused on building native/hybrid mobile apps rather than mobile websites.

As such, our browser support tends to be whatever Web View API is available to native apps on a given platform. For Ionic 1x, that means UIWebView for iOS 7+, and Android 4.1 and up. We recommend using Crosswalk to improve performance on older devices.

Ionic 2
Ionic 2 is focused on building both native/hybrid apps through Cordova, as well as adding the ability for Progressive Web Apps and Electron .

The following OSs and browsers are supported:

iOS 8+
Windows 10 Universal App
Android 4.4+
Support can be pushed back to 4.1 if Crosswalk is used with Cordova