Ionic / cordova / jquery / angular - beginner questions

Ive tried to make an hybird app via ionic, it goes okay but there are lots of problems learning this.
so maybe you guys can help.

lets start:

  1. what is the difference between ionic to cordova?
  2. i like jquery. however im not familier with angular.
    i want to run my hybird app with jquery what do you recommend to do?
    btw: im using the ionic only because its fast and not because of its angular.

works fine but not the
ive tried to install the plugins before, the same as i did with geolocation.
4. where can i find the list of all the syntax of the basic commands of all the navigators,
such as contacts, camera and all others?
but without tons of unnecassray angular code.
5. i have pc and android phone.
its okay to develop with this to android.
what is the best way to develop for ios with my current tools?
6. if i have an update to my app which is already in appstore and in google play (just for example),
so every time i have to re upload the app with the new update?
7. is there a way to release to all platforms such as phonegap build?
8. how do i connect my app with facebook?
9. what is ionic2 and whats the difference?