Can I use Ionic to build an app from en existing website?

Hi, appologies if this has already been asked. I am attempting to build an app for a friends existing website, and am trying to figure out if building in Ionic will work. I am hoping to use his existing code for the app, and allow him to be able to change stuff and update the app. I was initially thinking I could just load his website in a webview, but this would be my first Ionic project.

Anything would be greatly appreciated!

Unless there is a need for app functionality is it not just better to make the site responsive?

You definitely shouldn’t just load the content in a WebView, this will provide poor usability and Apple specifically has guidelines against this (they would probably reject the application).

So you should probably either go with what @svenissimo said, or build a new Ionic application the “normal” way.

Thanks guys. My friend was really after something super easy, basically just mirroring the website on the app. I’ll take the feedback and talk to him about what he wants to do. I appreciate the responses!