Convert Website into Android & iOS app


I need to take an already coded website that is on the web, and publish it as an Android and iOS app as is.

Am I able to do this with Ionic? If yes, would it just be as simple as taking the source code from the website and inserting it into an Ionic project file system?

Thanks in advance!

A website and an app are totally different:

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Thanks for the reply. I am a bit confused about your point.

I know a website is different to an app, and I watched the video you posted. I’ve been asked to take an already made website and publish it to Android and iOS.

Currently I am testing some stuff out. I coded a very simple website externally and am now implementing the code files(html, css, js) into an Ionic Project’s folders. Then I plan on deploying the project to iOS and Android devices.

Thanks in advance.

The biggest change is screen size - the app screen is a lot smaller - then you come to what is the purpose of the app - it is not a shop window (i.e. a web site).

Okay, it’s not me deciding, they have already said they want an app.

Do you know how to take a Website and publish it to Android and IOS using Ionic?

I get how to deploy an Ionic project, but I’m not sure the best way to implement the website source code.

I would not recommend trying importing the website - if you are getting paid to do it then use it as an opportunity to learn Ionic and build the app from scratch.

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Yes, after researching and playing around, it seems Ionic should be used to build mobile apps from scratch not convert already made websites. Unfortunately, I have little to no experience with Web development (html, css, js, angular) and of course Ionic, so time may be an issue.

I will keep it open in case someone who has had experience importing a website’s source code into an app using Ionic instead of from scratch has any useful information.

But thanks for the information, I really appreciate it.

You will find this forum very useful when you have any problems - they are a lot of good users who are more than happy to help.

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Checkout Capacitor made by the ionic team. It was made exactly for problems like yours.


Thanks, I will definitely give that a look.

Hi guys,

So I found out about a plugin called InAppBrowser and it does exactly what I need. It just points to a Website URL inside the app browser. Saving me from rebuilding the entire website.

Here’s a good guide I found in case you’re interested: