iOS App Via UIWebView & Ionic App?

This is very much a beginner question, so forgive me.

I want to write an app using Ionic, and then have an iOS app that has a web view pointing to my app URL. Will that work OK? I don’t know iOS development, but I really like Ionic and hope I can get an app out there faster this way.



It is possible to write an application that loads a remote url into iOS. The cordova application will simply be an iframe loading a remote URL. Don’t forget to whitelist that URL.

Using cordova plugins become more complicated as you will need a communication layer between the cordova app and your web app (postMessage can do it) and if you do use plugins you will need to plan fall backs for people going directly to your app using the browsers, this also mean people might be coming from any device/platform.

Also, you might be rejected from Apple Store if all your app does is load an external website.

The usual route is to make a Cordova/PhoneGap application. A Cordova application is basically a web application running inside a shell on iOS or Android. Ionic is actually built especially for this scenario, look at the examples on Ionic and look at Cordova/PhoneGap.

Good luck!