Can I use default html tags without using ion tags in ionic app?

Hello Everyone,

I am very new to ionic, but I am working with angular since a very long time.
I had a simple query that I have a pre-designed UI but its with default html tags so can I just use it without making any changes like copy pasting it will it cause any issues in my app?

is it mandatory to use ion tags to make a app?

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Juned Adenwalla


I am guessing here you wonder if you can use Capacitorjs to bundle your app into android/ios build?

Then the answer is - no need to ion tags whatsoever

If your question is - can I use Ionic UI elements without ion tags - then the answer is - you need ion tags to show Ionic UI elements. (You need a car to drive a car)

Does this help?

Hello @juned-adenwalla,

you can use Capacitor without Ionic, you can use Ionic without Capacitor and you can use custom tags / components in your Ionic apps and also use standard HTML tags.

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Thank you for your reply, I got the solution