Can I Still Use Ionic If I Dont Use The Components?

I was thinking about this question because im working on a project that uses ionic but i dont use any UI components… i know this sounds really dumb but , will it still work on mobile if i dont use any of the UI components , i need to know so i can switch up all my UI components if i have to because i want to stick with ionic and also im trying to make a mobile app and web app

I guess the answer depends on how you define “Ionic”. The way I define it, “Ionic” is the components, so “no”.

What is it about the way you think of “Ionic” that you want to keep using? If it’s the Android and iOS deployment, then perhaps when you say “Ionic”, I should be hearing “Capacitor”, in which case the answer changes to “yes”.


So i can do the same thing with capacitor?

We seem to still be having the problem where you are assuming that everybody else lives in your head. I have no idea what you mean by “the same thing”, so all I can do is recommend you read the link in my previous post.