Using HTML tags in ionic pages

Hello, I’m a beginner in ionic. I want to know if i want to write text in ion-row or columns shall i use the normal html tags for paragraph and headers and customize them with ion-text or it is discouraged to use the normal html tags in ionic apps and i should stick to ionic components only.
Thank you

I think this depends on how much you want to micromanage styling. Ionic comes with a lot of styling done by people who are much better at it than I am, so when possible I tend to like to defer to their work by using Ionic components.

The one exception (for me), however, is the grid system you mentioned. I like CSS’s grid layout much better than Ionic’s grid.

The bottom line is that nobody is going to smite you with lightning for not using this or that Ionic component, but you’ll have to be responsible for doing all the styling work when you go that route.

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Thank you for your reply. I am using ionic grid and i usually tend to use ionic components. But in case i am writing text only, what shall i use as i could not find a component for text only in the documentation. but the typography which uses the html headers. I am asking because my code will be reviewed by the seniors at the end. So i want to be working according to the conventions of ionic.

If you’re using <ion-item> (which it doesn’t sound like you are, but maybe you will be at some point) there is <ion-label>. Outside of items, though, you’ll probably need to do your own styling. You can pull colors if needed using the ion-text directive, which you may also have already discovered.