Ionic html tags. When use ion prefix and when not?

Hi, I see some example that use ionic tags withou ionic prefix that is and not .
Why this?

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The difference between the two are the pure html that just use the css, or the directives that have extended the functionality.

The ion- prefixed directives, ion-list,ion-item, etc, are angular directives that let you have extended features (swipe to delete, reorder, etc).

Make sense?


Uhm…Is it possibile to add css class to ion directive?

Of course :smile:. Thats actually how some attributes are applied to directives.

<ion-item class="my-item-settings"></ion-item>

Any docs for this tags ?

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css = without prefix -> only css for the styling
javascript = with prefix -> directives with additional functionality


Oh, thanks, so special html tags in javascript section, ok.