Building app on Mac, development done on Windows (path problems)

My team and I have an interesting problem. We do most of our development on Windows machines but we have a Mac to do our builds (Jenkins) as it can build both Android and iOS apps. Whenever we build on the Mac, we get some path errors on the Mac as all the configuration files are using backslashes instead of forward slashes. So, we end up with a mix of them when performing builds. Is there a way to rebuild this config file on the fly so the paths are reformatted correctly for the host OS?

like i said… windows in not a good choice to develop web-stuff…
Because you should work in an environment the product is used later (maybe if you want to build your project for windows phone … you have to build it on android)
And how many windows servers are running as cloudbased or webspace or managed server solutions?

So you should develop in an virtual machine (vagrant) and on a unix system.
I worked in a company where mixin slashes are daily business in build-scrips and so on.

But thats not how i like to work.

In other cases you should have a switch in your scripts, which gets the OS and make the os specific parts.
In most of the common script-languages it is easy to get the systemOS (python, node, …)

Fixed for now by running “ionic resources” on the build system.