Ionic resources creates invalid paths in config.xml

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 RC for builds. This integrates with the vs-mda-remote process for iOS builds on a Mac.

When calling ionic resources “on windows” from a node prompt with the necessary png images for icon and splash screen I get all the nice images generated for me and my config,xml is updated accordingly with the new paths to those images.

The problem I’ve found is that whilst Android now shows new icon and splash screen on a device, an iOS device shows the standard Cordova icon and splash screen. Looking on the Mac I can see my images are copied over but not used by the local build on the Mac.

My solution was to change the generated paths to use forward slash ‘/’ rather than backslash ‘’. Now iOS is showing the icon and images okay.

Should the Ionic CLI on windows be generating paths with forward slashes rather than back slashes?


Tip: Just use ionic resources on Mac, then you don’t have to fix this manually.

And now it’s a issue on Github: