Building an e-commerce app with Ionic for free?

Hi! I am trying to build a cross-platform e-commerce mobile application. I researched online and on this forum to understand whether Ionic is free. It is, given that it’s an open-source platform.

However, it is also to my understanding that Ionic offers premium features such as Auth0 and other extensions. As an individual with no business revenue, must I need to purchase a plan to use all the features I need, or can I use free 3rd party extensions and integrate them with my app?

The UI framework is free
Capacitorjs is free

The features you are referring to a indeed are paid, but you are free to use whatever free alternative you see

And given the fact that the free stuff integrates well with common standards you will be likely able to achieve much from other parties

Ionic in that sense refers to a number of goodies you can opt in or out to. You are not required to buy something if another thing is free

Have you made a list on what you need already?

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Yes, I plan on using WooCommerce as my main backend framework. I don’t think I will be using any other backend framework besides that. It’s my first time building an e-commerce platform so I am assuming WooCommerce has everything I need (creating accounts, tracking sales, saving user’s cart information, etc.)? If there is another framework that is not already included with WooCommerce that I will need to build this e-commerce app, please let me know!

This is where my knowledge ends

No worries, thanks for your reply!

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