Which is the best ecommerce platform to build an ionic app from?

I run an old version of oscommerce and updating to the latest model from our old version is a huge job.

So, we are looking at using a new ecommerce platform such as Magento, Shopify etc

Which is the best ecommerce platform for helping to build or even exporting a site or data to ionic?


Any “ecommerce platform” that supports a RESTful API or take a look at Parse, etc.

I suggest you to build on Magento. Mobile app in Magento is just appear, the market for you is very profitable. You can base on these popular Magento plugin to build your app:
Magento free gift extension : You can create an app to give store owner the right to give their customer free gift in their cart.
Magento affiliate extension: I think an app with affiliate management system is a good idea for you to start to build your app.
POS extension Magento: Point of sale app for android, why not?
Store manager for Magento : Inventory management system on mobile if you can build!

Ionic Framework can used to build an app to increase your eCommerce keep. If you’ve got an eCommerce store walking, for instance with WooCommerce or Magento, you may construct an Ionic App to combine with the shop. The app gets product and information from the shop, saves orders to the store which can then be processed as usual. So the store acts as a backend without plenty effort.

Here is how you could get started and build and Ionic App for WooCommerce.