Hi, everyone I want a recommendation building a ecommerce android app

Can we make a huge ecommerce app using reactjs redux firebase ofcourse ionic. The modules include
1 shopping card
2 wallet
3 reward system
4 Live video streaming using tiktok a nexmo api
5 order delivery system
6 360 product display

Is it possible? O else will I switch to react native? If yes any suggestion links

Yes, it’s possible. It takes a lot of custom logic, and functionality. But it’s possible.


Katarina Grumy,

Thank you For reaching out i want to create a ecommerce website with payment gateway, to ease things up i send payment request to payment gateway,

i just want to start a very basic minimal bare bone app with php rest api may so i need to know where i get a reffrence to start i scaned whole internet no clue.

with regards,