Is it possible build an e-commerce app from wordpress app with woocommerce integration?


I have a plan make an e-commerce ionic app from my website based on wordpress + woocommerce. My big question can I sync data from MySQL db to my ionic app with smoothly?

Did you make this? I am interested on this, let me know what you find out thanks

The question was asked a long time ago but I found it by searching the similiar things. Here is what I found so far:

WooCommerce provides REST API that you can use from your Ionic app via XMLHTTPRequest. WooCommerce REST API works with Wordpress API (internally in PHP) and MySQL respectively. So all your data will be synced that way.

I decided not to build my app from scratch but search for a ready solutions first. There are many services that provides a way to build WooCommerce mobile app, but most of them are really expensive or require payments per month. So as a developer you may find several app templates on CodeCanyon for about 30$.

Personally, I found really interesting WooCommerce mobile app template here (MobileFront). They have implemented their own WooCommerce REST API because built-in API is really limited. Or you can search for “WooCommerce” on CodeCanyon and see what others guys do.

Hope you will find this helpful.