How good is the ionic pro cloud building?

I am really suffering as a student trying to create his first app for the university thesis. I would like to test my app on ios devices but i dont have mac for building. Tried it with vmware but it was awful slow and could not really do anything on it.
I am so desperate that i may need cloud building. I uploaded my project and the building was succesful but seems like i need to pay 30 usd/month to build the file so i can copy it to my iPhone.
Is it 100% working without issues? There arent any trial memberships so it is really risky for me.

Phonegap build is a good, cheap alternative. $10/month and can build for iOS and Android using Windows.
That’s not to knock Pro Build. I’m sure it works great. But if cost is an issue, you can save 20 bucks w/Phonegap