Build for ios without Phone

Hi !

I would like to shara my project to a friend but currently, I plug my phone and Xcode install the application on the phone. How can I build and send the result to my friend please ?

I think you’d need to create a Test Flight build in iTunes Connect, which requires a developer account.

But the developper account cost 99€. Do you have another free method ?

The only other option I know of is to plug your friend’s iPhone directly into your development machine. Apple devices are not able to load apps any other way unless they’re jail-broken (not recommended), so the only way to load your app is via USB, App Store, or Test Flight (as far as I know) and only USB is free.

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ok thank for your answer man !

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And if your friend has a mac you can use git or simply sent him the xcode project to build it by himself. (Because the Build over USB expires after ~6 days)
If you have the dev license, your usb builds will last longer.

Maybe you could Cydia Injector as well to install them as ipa even from a windows machine (6days limit), but I never tried it.

Maybe could also look into using Ionic View for testing.

Thanks ! When you said expires after 6 days, that would say in 6 days, the application will disapear on the phone ?

It’s there but you can’t open it anymore - There is a message that the app expired.

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