Bug: Erratic content scroll when textarea has focus

So I have been struggling to work around a bug in Ionic that causes erratic scrolling when a users has a textarea focused on and then tries to scroll the page content, not the textarea. I submitted an issue on GitHub , but I wanted to see if anyone in the community had any good work arounds in the mean time. I have tried a ton of possible fixes as seen in this codepen collection. I believe this issue is isolated to iOS devices. Let me know if you have anymore suggestions


I am seeing this also. It manifests in IOS, on device.

I’ve create a basic project here:

I made a video of the weirdness here: https://youtu.be/jIl6FOG8T9U

Basically, when scrolling with a text area - the UI goes to hell. the elements seem to detach from each other when the keyboard comes up. I have elements being edited off screen even - (see video).

I don’t know if this is me doing it wrong or a bug - but I’m trying to find a work around.

I think this is a bug - especially with fields going offsreen.

Hi, I am getting similar erratic scrolling behaviour on Android. Does anyone have a solution to this?