Scroll to textarea input problem on iOS when keyboard open

I have a problem with getting the view to scroll to the right place. It should focus on the input cursor in the text area but it doesn’t. Seems to affect iOS, not sure about Android.

To reproduce:
Given the input cursor is in one textarea
And keyboard is up
When I tap into another text area below it
Then I see scroll doesn’t focus properly

Easiest just to watch the video:


it’s been a week. anyone out there?

same here :frowning:

did u fix it ? @taigeair

i noticed that’s happen because our textarea very long , if u reduced the height of the textarea it will be almost solved

i think the keyboard scrolling to show full input , idk if we can do something to fix it when textarea very long

but at least we can fix it by make it short right now

I didn’t find a solution for it, but I think what you said works :slight_smile: