Modals scroll textareas out of view

I’ve been fighting with this for a couple of days and I can’t figure out what the problem is. I’ve tried calling disableScroll on the keyboard plugin and that didn’t help. The issue is this:

A user taps on an element that results in a modal. Inside the modal are a whole bunch of fields that the user can complete and and submit. The problem occurs whenever the user focuses into a textarea inside the modal. For some reason, and only in some instances, ionic sees fit to scroll the content of the modal in such a way that puts the focused field outside of the viewing area of the dialog. I have included an animation to illustrate the problem. This only appears to be an issue with iOS. It happens in the simulator and on devices.

Any suggestions?

Apologies for the delay. We are tracking a fix for this in 1.2:

I’m still running into this issue on ios 1.2.4 with the default JS scrolling.

Is Ionic still aware of this bug?

you should try setting the rows-attribute of the textarea to 4. i think i got some scrolling issues, when you can see more then >5 rows.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, this is happening for other inputs like normal text inputs and selects.