Scrolling problem

I have a strange bug which appears only on iOS.

I have a ion-sides-menus -> ion-side menu-content -> ion-nav-view -> ion-view -> ion-content architecture. This content is a magazine-like, so I have typically articles inside this view (images). And clicking on these pictures bring you to another view which is the article itself, and we can comment it.

If I just navigate in the application, there is no bug. But if I put a comment on an article (POST request + view refreshing), and I go back to the articles view, the scroll of the entire application is not working anymore. I read problems with memory, but I have no warning in XCode during this usecase. I use the beta 11 version of ionic, and I tried to update it but nothing changed. This bug appears only on iOS, and I start to loose any hope :frowning:

Someone have any suggestion ??