Blank screen running app on iOS device


My app works fine, perfect, running local, by browser, by ionic serve, even iOS emulator. But, on my iPhone, the app opens and when I fill the login form with fake data, email and password, and press login, the screen stays white and nothing more happens! Why it happens?


I didn’t understand yet why it happens, but I did a modification in the app and now it’s better.
It happens in other screen too!


Out of curiosity did you debug (inspect through Safari) to catch any errors?


No! I didn’t know I can do this test in Safari. Because, I already try to find the inspect in Safari, but I didn’t find!
Where is the inspect?


@macfam, I discover the problem, but not using safari.
I had to take the “overflow-scroll=“true””.
Thank you for your help.


@GugaSevero glad to hear you fixed it!

For future reference you can inspect the app using Safari on your Mac:

  • Choose Develop
  • Your Mobile Device
  • Your html file

This requires a couple settings enabled:

  • On the iOS device: Settings > Safari > Advanced > Enable Web Inspector
  • On the Mac: Safari > Settings > Advanced > Show Develop menu in the menu bar