Blank page when running "ionic emulate ios"


the app runs fine in the browser and the page is automatically redirected to the default url.
I tried in the iOS Safari browser as well and it works fine.

When running ionic emulate ios all I get is a blank white page.

I’m pretty sure I must have forgotten something?
Anyone know what it could be? I’m going a bit insane right now. :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

Can you check your console, see if your getting any errors. Also check out these posts.

@mhartington thanks for the quick reply!

I did not realise the Safari debugger could be use with Cordova!
There are no console error, but I think I have found the problem.

The templateUrl paths were not relative, but absolute paths.

Not sure if the silent error is Angular or Ionic, but, even though my mistake was a newbie mistake, it would be convenient to have this show an error in the console.

Thanks again!! :smile: