Ionic App, When Navigating Too Fast - Empty Blank Screen

Hello there,

On my ionic app, ive had this issue for a while, relating to stability / routing. If i navigate fast through my app, then after some screen, i get a fully blank screen. At this point i need to close the app, and reopen it to reuse the app. Its a white blank screen. Occurs in simulator and live app in iphone. Only the status bar is visible at that point. Screen shot is here:

Also the source code for the blank page , that i copied from Safari Developer Tool, inspector is here:

Im unable to find a solution for this. Im sure its something simple, but unable to reach to it. This occurs whnever i navigate quickly through multiple pages. Help will be greatly apprpeciated. Thanks a lot!

You can’t just copy the code from safari inspector. In that codepen we can see the screen just fine. Do you have a repo or anything we can use to try to recreate? Does it happen in the browser? Do you have any console errors in safari? Do you see any error logs back into XCode from iOS?