Best way to jump in to Ionic2 from pure Cordova background

Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to move to the Ionic platform now that the Telerik AppBuilder for Cordova is going away in May. Yes, I know, that’s not the best hybrid platform, but I’ve already used it for the past year to develop a commercial game app using just Cordova, and I’m happy with how my app works currently.

But I need to find a new platform to continue development and eventual launch of my apps and I like what Ionic can offer. I’m proficient in all things Cordova – HTML, CSS, Javascript and especially jQuery (love, love, love jQuery). But I don’t know the first thing about Ionic 2, Typescript, or Angular. Or for that matter, building apps with the command line. I’ve used Telerik AppBuilder for production builds most recently, but in the past, used Phonegap Build for that (I have two commercial apps in the app stores now.)

I’ve been watching lots of the Ionic tutorial videos with Matt, but frankly coming from my background, it’s a bit overwhelming to understand how all these new pieces fit together in my mind which only knows “the old way” with pure HTML/JS/CSS. From the videos, it’s hard to tell what parts of the code are Ionic, Typescript, or Angular, and what purpose each one serves.

So as an experienced developer (I’m 53 years old and have been coding my entire adult life in many dozens of languages), what’s the best way to jump in to understand how Ionic, Typescript, Angular work, mapping those things to my existing experience so I can hit the ground running?


I’ve got bad news for you… :slight_smile:

This could be a problem if you try to solve things the jQuery way, it might take some time to adjust to the Angular way. But if you’ve done dozens of languages over time you’ll definitely be able to adapt.

The short answer to your question is just learn Angular. To oversimplify a little, Ionic is just a set of UI components and cordova wrapper services built with Angular. You already know Cordova and Javascript, all you really need is Angular.

TypeScript is just a language that sits on top of JavaScript (and transpiles into it) that adds types (who would have guessed right) :slight_smile:. If you already know javascript, you already know enough typescript to write it. You can then slowly add more typescripty things like types, private properties, enums, interfaces, method overriding, etc.

So, just focus on Angular, you’ll get Typescript along the way, if you’ve done any typed language before you’ll understand it really quickly. If your javascript skills are out of date, brush up on the current version (features like promises, async/await, new object and array methods, arrow functions, const/let, class syntax, generators, etc).

To expand a little on this:

Typescript: Add C#/Java typing to Javascript and you’ve got Typescript, although to be compatible with JS the syntax is different in some places, for instance
float myVar = 0.1;

let myVar: number = 0.1;

Angular: If you’ve followed the MVC pattern with templates and a service layer before many concepts will at least be familiar to you. It also follows a module pattern where you build out self-contained modules that can be reused and lazy loaded.

Ionic: Pre-built Angular Components/Directives/Services that provide native-style mobile features and styling. Ionic Native also provides nice promise wrapped access to common Cordova plugins you’ve probably used in the past.

Thanks for your replies.

Yeah, I knew that was coming.

Well, I do spend most of my time building PHP back-end server platforms. :rofl:

But I have done a ton of C and Object Pascal (Delphi) in the past.

I’ll jump into Angular as a first step.

Wait for ionic 4 and go crazy with jQuery and Ionic

Capacitor is a new native bridge eventually replacing cordova, currently being builtby the ionic people

Oh boy, just when I thought I was getting a handle on things. :roll_eyes:

If you want to get a fundamental understanding of TypeScript, the Tour of Heroes tutorial is an excellent place to start.

By far the most helpful documentation I’ve come across.


An early release of ionic4 is already out there

Use it to get used to the ui elements they have

With your experience in jquery this should be a walk in the park

Publish your first fiddles on github

Make it known here

And become a hero on your own

I bet Ionic team would love to see a showcase of ionic with jquery and cordova