Language name


how called language that used in .ts? look like javascript with weirdness, and where it documented?


You mean angular 2? typescript? font style?


is it correct:
ionic based on angular and cordova, used typescript
can i write ionic code just in plain javascript?


because writing javascript is a pain the a** :wink:

ts files = typescript is what your looking for

typescript is a trancoding language, it allow to write structured code which gonna be, at build time, converted into javascript code.

 typescript => ionic cordova build or ionic serve => javascript

for example, I amost didn’t know anything about javascript before begining my project, but I know java. Using typescript allowed me to easily start to learn Ionic because writing typescript is almost like writing java, you could use class, abstraction, variables, methods, etc.


there you could find a more graphical way of understanding it:


Once you understand what TypeScript (Yes that language is TypeScript) is solving, you’ll surely start to love that weirdness :smiley:

Basically, as @reedrichards pointed out, TypeScript lets us write OOP code with much more ease than the prototype based syntax javascript uses.


Hey @reedrichards thanks for giving the reference to the graphic, hope it helps!