Can i use VUE2 or Jquery with Ionic, or what languages can be used with Ionic native


I’m very new in ionic. And this is probably my first lines of information required message, regards, IONIC.

I’ve tested a few frameworks’s examples on cell phone. And found Ionic native quite effective and fast. But I don’t know angular. I started learning Angular when that was just a javascript… but by the day they have changed to TypeScript… it’s quite hard for me to learn a new language…

So my question is…
Can i use VUE2 (old style of angularJS) and then use IONIC for mobile apps? or I have to learn Typescript along with Angular?

Please make my starting a little easy with good supportive answers… So I could start in mobile development.

Thank you


Are you asking about Ionic or Ionic Native?

Ionic is the framework for building apps.

Ionic Native is a collection of wrappers for Cordova Plugins.


I’m sorry Brother…
Since i’m new in it… I couldn’t distinguish.

yes i’m talking about Ionic…

and is it true that using Ionic Native I can access to device hardware like GPS, or phone call etc?


You’ll be able to use jQuery and Vue with Ionic 4. Ionic 3, not so much. That said, Typescript is a million times safer than Javascript, so it might be worth your time.


It’s not a problem. I just wanted to make sure what you were asking about so that we as a community could reply accurately.

As far as Ionic Native goes, yes it will let you use device hardware.

You can find all the available options here:


And to add to what was said, Ionic is an abstraction of AngularJs, improved through TypeScript specs.

That being said, you can code almost anything or call any language you need in the process of creating fast, simple, and efficient apps through APIs, because Ionic is built for it.

On matters of frontend, Ionic is a good entry and very fast, because you never need to compile js/ts scripts and it can be dynamic.

That doesn’t exclude php, golang, c sharp, json, xml, to complement typescript, it is up to what you need, and that’s the beauty of typescript / ES6 specifications :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,


Not sure if anyone in ionic 1 (with angularJS) is using typescript

Since Angular is out (difference angularJS), typescript is the suggested way of working (ionic 2 and above). And angularjs and angular are quite different

Just to precise


Thank you Franco. I mean. I 'm not bound with any language… but I should know how to use this ionic bridge for my language and the device. . did i understand correct?


Sigmund… I have a similar question again… what basic languages are required to use Ionic Native … to access system level components… like phone book… chat app and if it’s a chat app definitely access to phone numbers or sms… Also I would want to share images to and from with other apps to my ionic based app… should i go with first ionic and then ionic native.?

Thank you


If you’re using Ionic Native, you just need to use Typescript.

If you write a custom cordova plugin then you’ll need to use Javascript, Java, and Objective C (depending on what platforms you use).

You’ll use Ionic, and then add Ionic Native functionality to it.


i’m not super expert to start writing plugins… but a very beginner. so simple is…
I start learning typescrpit… and use ionic for my apps… and then use ionic native functionality with ionic.

Did i understand correct?
thank you