Need tips/help for ABSOLUTE newbie app developer about using Ionic


Greetings all!

I have accepted to make a website’s mobile app design reality, which is not the problem, the design I can handle. 90% of the funtionality will be done by someone else anyway. I accepted because I need the experience and I want to learn it.

Now I have looked at the tutorials, installed everything that’s a pre-requisite, I just need a few guiding words: where do I start in reality? I have created my app based on the “tabs” example, but which files do I need to edit/put my codes in? I’d like to use CSS and JavaScript (AngularJS/Ionic) mainly of course. So, what do I edit if I want new buttons in or pictures or whatever?

Thank you for help in advance, and please excuse my absolute newbieness.


Standard Angular. (you need to be used to writing webapps with angular to use ionic.)

Ionic is just a bunch of nice ‘look and feel’ css for the controls and some nice JS utilities that help in writing webapps, particularly on a mobile device. But the core of your app would be written with angular.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


@rbencze I would suggest looking at boilerplates and other people’s code on github to get an understand on how some people are organizing their apps. There are also some good tutorials out there that are a bit more in depth than the tabs example.


Thanks, althought I’m bleeding my eyes out here trying to add additional capabilities to my Ionic projects, hopefully I’ll learn it rather sooner than later.

Having problems with making a popup controller functioning, so far no luck.