Applications for platform ios can not be built on this OS - win32


When I execute the platform add command to IOS (ionic platform add ios)
I’m getting this error:
“Applications for platform ios can not be built on this OS - win32.”

  • I have to develop on MAC machine ? jest to get the emulator ?
  • I have Webstorm on Windows 8.1 machine …
  • For Android it’s work great …

Itzik BS


hi ,

you cant add or build ios on windows you need xcode and ios sdk but you can use the
ionic serve --lab : to see the different between android and ios .

and u can use hackintosh .


10x …
but there are few other emulators that emulate IOS in windows …

I have jest used the utility ionic serve --lab and it’s seems really great !!!
I hope it’s represents the realty

If my App is hybrid and I’m using Ionic / Cordova and i want a full emulator of iOS what will be yours recommendations ?

I used to work with PhoneGap, Is it the same issue with PhoneGap also ?
I do not want to work and deal with XCODE …



hi itzik,
you can use ripple ext for chrome its very nice emulator .

for me i can say that i need to see before i publish an app.
so i install hackintosh on my pc and open a developer ios account .


Thank you …
you was very helpful …

Itzik BS


Hey there,

So yes, this is the same issue with phonegap since it uses cordova underneath as well.

In order for cordova to make a ios project, it needs the ios sdk, which is only available for osx.
Not our rule, but apples :confused:

Options like building a hackinstosh are always available are have a good community around them.

Other options would be to buy a inexpensive mac mini, which are around $500 and are worth their price.