Platform add ios error

Hi Experts !

I am first at ionic framework.

By the way, I have a bad feel.

I have created app using " $ ionic start myApp tabs"

But, I can’t add platform ios.

“…create command failed with exit code ENOENT…”

I hope your help !

Did you enter platform add ios or ionic platform add ios? Just curious

of course, ionic platform add ios.

Thanks for your response…

Alright just checking :smile:

Hmm, following IT 101, have you tried uninstalling and the reinstalling the cli?

$ sudo  npm uninstall -g ionic
$ sudo  npm install -g ionic

same error, yet

thanks for your efforts.

Can you tell me what version of cordova your using?

$ sudo cordova -v

Hi mhartington

I am on Win 7.

My version is 3.4.1-0.1.0

Is that impossible ?

Ahh windows… Cant build for ios locally. But!!.. we got some stuff in the work so we can work around this…soon

you mean…

current ionic framework doesn’t support windows platform ?

I mean…windows Operating System

No, not at all. You can build Android on windows, which is supported by ionic’s cli. But the iOS SDK, which is required by cordova for any iOS stuff, isn’t support on windows.

You can’t download the sdk on windows. Mac only.

I see…

When do I can download the ios sdk on windows ?

I think your team are developing this …

You will never be able to download the iOS sdk on Windows, unless Apple creates it. Which in the foreseeable future seems very unlikely.

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I was reading through this topic and couldn’t stop laughing :smiley:

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@southend the iOS SDK, built by Apple, does not support windows, unfortunately.

However, our upcoming build service will let you build iOS apps without having a mac. Stay tuned!


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Hi Max,

I’m facing the exact same issue… We’re discovering Cordova’s world and we chose Ionic.
However, we don’t have any Mac (and we need to build both an Android and iOS app).
Is there any news on this topic? Did I miss something?

Thanks a lot,

Hey @Jiyuu

Nothing yet, a few bigger things in the works at the moment.
Phonegap build will let you compile both ios and android builds

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