App: Tally Up! Just released on App Store and Google Play thanks to Ionic 3

Hi guys,

I just released my first Ionic App on the App Store and Google Play Store and I have to say…It was a real pleasure developing and shipping my app using the Ionic framework.

The everyone here really helps to make this a great framework so I really have to thank the Ionic team, all those that make the native plugins and those contributing to the forums with questions and answers.

I would also love some feedback and suggestions for my first Ionic app. I tried to use as many of the great plugins without too much feature creep, and I hope to add more features in future updates.

Without further ado…

Tally Up! is a simple and intuitive tally counter to track anything and everything.
Designed for multiple scenarios Tally Up! is an app you can count on…


Let me know what you think…please rate and review if you have the time…
Download on GooglePlay
Download on the AppStore


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I think u made a good job there. But I really wonder for what usecase this is really helpful :sweat_smile:

Hi Felix,

Thanks for the feedback.

Actually originally I made the app for my wife. She works at a gallery and needed to count the number of people coming and going to keep track of the capacity in the gallery at all times.

I have also shared it with my sister who does a lot of animal conservation, which involves a lot of tracking numbers of difference species of animals etc in a given area. So she is finding the multi-counter feature very useful.

And recently I went to play a board game with a few friends in a bar and the score counting parts were missing so we used my app.

I think there are probably endless ways to use an app like this in many professions and daily life.
I would love to get more and more feedback as I improve the app and add features as I find out what people are using it for. I have a bunch of additional features in my backlog already but the more feedback the better.

Thanks again for your support :slight_smile: