I finally uploaded my first ionic app in google play!

Last September I decided to learn ionic 3 to create an app for my niece. And I want it to be educational. Now, at last, I have completed it, my friend told me to put it in google play for it to have a chance to be discovered.

I’m not promoting or something, but I think I have a decent output in my more than one month of learning. Now I’m motivated to do similar things and probably some advance like external API or something. Maybe as refrenced to beginners like me :smiley:

If you want to see it, you can search Kids Ground: Educational. I only have it in the play store, maybe in ios in the future.

I now create a new app using v4 of ionic, and there’s a lot of changes to adjust with.


You may want to add the ‘showcase’ category to your post.

Great first App!

I have an idea for you: you can add a timer to the shape matcher game and ship that as reaction time app. (Like how many can you match in 60 seconds? )
Maybe also change the theme a bit to make it appealing to teens and adults, too.

I also encountered two small bugs:
The highscore didn’t got updated immediately when I failed, it took a leaving-the-game and reentering it before it got updated. When were at the high score, I like that you have no “You have failed”/“You lose”- screen for kids its definitely good to not set the focus on the “don’t you ever fail”-theme that is so common today. But you might want to add an encouraging Effect when you beat the highscore (like a sound effects and some paricles or a wooble).

The other bug is simply that the title isn’t right:

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Hi @user5555 thank you for reviewing my app… you got a nice idea to add on my project, I will definitely add that to considerations and update.

Omg! why I missed that title, that maybe I haven’t run into much testing.

Thank you and appreciate it.

Good work man, looks professional…