Step counter / Pedometer - help with code example

Hi! I’m building a fitness app and need a step counter in it.

I’ve managed to get most plugins working (Geolocation, voice recognition etc). But I’m stuck when it comes to step counting.

Can someone please, please, please just give me a simple code example where some step-data gets used in this scenario:

<p>{{ steps }}</p>
 <ion-button (click)="mySteps()">Click here</ion-button>
steps = 0;

  // Something here that makes {{ steps }} show an actual step count

Needs to work on android.
And let me know what plugin to use (I’ve tried them all without success):

Thanks for the help! If I can get just some data out of it, I can figure out the rest on my own, thank you!

if you just want to calculate step i would go with first

I’ve tried them all but don’t get any data out of them, thats why I desperately needs a simple code example :slight_smile:

create small application with stepCounter Native and push it to github so that we can test whats wrong in your code.