Just published our App @ Play Store!

I wanted to say thanks to everyone here on the board and the Ionic team for a great product. I’ve been the sole developer working on our app MIXHOP (free mixtapes and streaming music) for about 6 months now. Here’s the play store page:


It’s only for Android at the moment, IOS coming next…

I’d be happy to answer any questions about how we did X,Y or Z to help with new developers out there!

If you get a chance, download it… check it out TELL EVERYONE and help someone out with an Ionic/Cordova question here on the forums today!

Thanks guys!


Looks awesome, man! :smiley: Great work.

Question… you don’t live in London Ontario, do you? I swear I saw a guy sitting in Timmie’s a few weeks ago working on some sort of music type app.

~ Brad

Hahah, nope that wasn’t me… I’m in Los Angeles.

Thanks for checking it out!

I’ve just downloaded your app and it looks great. Congrats!

I am actually working on a similar app that will stream music for kids. I am nearly done with the most tedious work, just need to brush it up a bit and do some testing.
So here a few questions, maybe you can shed some light on

  1. I was curious how you sorted out playback, whether you use the Cordova Media plugin or something else like HTML5 audio . I have been using the Cordova plugin for a while with good results. I only struggled to have media duration and position properly reported by the plugin.
  2. I liked the parallax-like effect in the artist view where you scroll the playlist up/down. Is that simply a list on top of a fixed background? It looks awesome!

Thanks a lot for your insight :slight_smile:

Sure! Glad to help…

#1 - Yes, I’m using the cordova media player. I’m not using any of the ng-cordova stuff, I looked into it but it had a ton of open issues etc, so I just went with regular cordova media, i.e. var media = new Media() style. For duration and position, I set an interval that starts and stops when the status of the media changes, and then it just queries the media object to get the info.

#2 - Yes, I believe I just did a big margin on the top of the list… then for moving the button up halfway I just did a negative margin on the button, but it’s the top element in the list.


Thanks for your insight! I am doing exactly the same thing with the plugin. I created a class that replaces the one in ngCordova and uses a promise to report duration and position. I’d love to hear your opinion on whether it is a good approach to use promises this way:

@slikk66 I am in the process of developing my app and was wondering whether you have experienced any issues with cordova media. Especially since it does not stream audio, but instead needs to download the whole file in order to play it. I guess that’s alright for small mp3 files but it might seem unresponsive in case of large audio files.What’s your experience so far? In my case I have rather small files ~2mb so it seems to work fine.
I am just wondering whether I should consider implementing a module based on the Web Audio API which supports streaming.

Great app! I’m developing an app with some things in common, so yours is great inspiration. I’m using angular-soundmanager2 for all the music playing stuff. I’m a musician and not a programmer, but I still managed to figure it out, so I guess it’s fairly straightforward to make it work. Thanks for sharing!