App seems to rollback on a previous version

Hello guys, I’m experiencing a weird bug and I don’t know what to do or search to fix it.
I regularly build ipa to try the app on my iphones.
Let’s say I change a bit of my design. I have a text: “Hello”, and an icon next to it/ I move the icon (which is on the right side of the text) to the left side.
I build the ipa, send it to my phone, open my app and I see that the icon is on the left. Perfect !
Then I kill the app and reopen it.
Now the icon is on the right side.
Any idea why ?

I’ve seen that problem floating around recently, and it seems the most common reason is that there’s some sort of Ionic Deploy code lying around in your config.xml.

It’ll look something like:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-ionic" spec="~1.1.9">

Do you see anything like that in config.xml?

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Yes, I do have this package. I will remove it and try again.
Thank you

I didn’t try the proposed solution.

Instead, I updated xcode and moved the version in config.xml from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1.
It worked


I’m having same issue… when I reopen my app, its reroll to previous version…

I tried update version of my config.xml and no luck… still rerolling…

@SigmundFroyd I have that plugin with some content inside… what do you recommend to do with that?



I suggest to remove cordova-plugin-ionic by running

ionic cordova plugins remove cordova-plugin-ionic

It solved the problem for me (whilst bumping version in config.xml not really). Before that, every time I killed an app in Android after reopening I got some previous version (quite distant!).


I has the same issue just now.
Removing the ionic plugin solves the problem.

It works for me, thank you.

I have been having the issues lately even after I changed to manual on my config file, so I digged deeper and here is my solution.

If you are using IonicPro (now called Appflow), and have cordova-plugin-ionic installed, you need to set up your automation correctly on your IonicPro dashboard.

Login to your IonicPro dashboard, on the left side there is Channels, each channel is pointed to a specific build, for example, mine Master channel was linked with master git branch which means it will build on IonicPro master channel when I push my master branch to IonicPro git.

On your config.xml file, under <plugin name="cordova-plugin-ionic" spec="^5.2.5"> it will have <variable name="UPDATE_METHOD" value="background" /> which according

  • UPDATE_METHOD - auto , background , or none . Dictates the behavior of the plugin. auto will download and apply the latest update on app start, potentially leading to long splash screen loads if the connection is slow. background will only download the update in the background on app start, but will allow full functionality while doing so, only redirecting users the next time the app is loaded. none will do nothing, leaving full plugin functionality in the hands of the developer. Default is background

This means your channel’s latest build will be loaded each time when your app is forced to quit or restarts. So, if your IonicPro channel is assigned with the previous build, it will be loading the previous version when you restart your app on your device.

PS: To find out which channel your app is linked with, check for <variable name="CHANNEL_NAME" value="[your-channel-name]" /> under <plugin name="cordova-plugin-ionic" spec="^5.2.5">

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