Ionic3 - After closing the APP it goes to the previous version


I’m new in ionic… I’m creating an APP in version 3… I deploy the respected code manually through command prompt… After creating the apk when i have installed it for the first time it shows updated design but after closing the APP the design and others goes to the previous version…
i have updated the version to version=“2.0.1” in config.xml file but it still reverted back to the previous design…

can you please help me to solve this issue…Here I have attached my config file two screenshot


App updates go through git push as configured in the ionic console. As setup using ionic link.

Changing version nr will not force update of the web assets



Hello !! Thank you for your reply… Then please tell me how can I solve this issues… When I close the app in my android device it goes to the previous version, no recent changes are displayed