Application seems to rollback after update

Hello, I have some problem with building my application on Ionic… And I thought I resolved it. But no.

Last week, the app seems to rollback. I will explain :

When we built an app with Ionic Appflow, and we installed it on a phone (iOS or Android), the application seems to work with the last update. But when we close and restart the application : it rollback on an old version. I can see it because I don’t have the newest functionality and moreover, I display the version number which not the version number of environment.ts / config.xml.

I saw a topic on it :

  • App seems to rollback on a previous version
    And I adapted the solution, I change a few values of CHANNEL_NAME (from “Staging” to “Production” in my application (in android.json & fetch.json in plugins folder and in package.json in root folder (for all plugins)) and I added “–prod” to package.json on scripts part.
    And guess what, it worked, when we built the application on Ionic for production, we don’t have this “rollback” anymore. BUT, now, I have this “rollback” in my local project (build on Android Studio), so I revert my modifications but it did not solve the problem…

(Cordova is updated)

Please help me, I don’t understand this problem… And I think it certainly duplicate the application…