App Immediately Crashes

  • When I open my Ionic app on my iPhone, it now immediately crashes.
  • My boss’s iPhone & iPad versions (~1.5 weeks older than mine) also immediately crash.
  • We aren’t in the App Store - just loading the app from Xcode directly onto our devices.

1. Is there some kind of timeout on iOS apps?

2. Does it have something to do with the number of apps being tested/Apple ID?

3. How can I debug this? It seems that using the Safari Web Inspector requires the app to be open. If I can’t even open the app, how can I see the crash logs/debug?

I suggest to make sure there is nothing wrong with your build pipeline by creating a new project with ionic start, then building and starting that one on the devices you are having problems.

It looks like Apple’s free provisioning expires after one week??
See and

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