App crashes after two weeks on iOS


I recently just completed my Ionic app and deployed it on my iPhone for testing. The app runs fine for a week or two, and then suddenly just stops working.

When I press the app icon, the app opens, app splash screen is displayed, then the app just crashes with no error message, andI am taken back to the home screen of my phone.

I have not had this issue with android yet (still testing). Does anyone know what could be causing this problem?

I got exactly the same problem. Guess it’s a bug on ionic’s side. What framework have you used?

It was super frustrating. I wasted time porting the entire app to ionic v4 and still got the exact same issue. Exactly one week and the app starts to crash.

In the end I gave up on ionic and am moving over to native iOS development instead. I don’t want to be rude but the was an epic waste of my time.

And there’s no issues in official ionic4 repo?

I have no idea how to re create the issue or how to debug it or even which part of the code the error is from so I don’t know what to put in the issue

Just create a dummy blank app (ionic start myTestApp --type=angular) and do the exact same test as the one of the error you reported above aka let the app run one or two weeks.

If it crash too, then yes there is a problem and it might be linked to Cordova/Capacitor (I would be surprise if that would be an Ionic issue as Ionic is a UI toolkit).

It might be even linked to the phone, so would be valuable to try on another one with another version of the OS.

If not, then the problem is in something added (a plugin?) or implemented in your app.