IOS 11 break app

I recently updated my IOS to 11 beta 3, to make sure my ionic v1 app was still working.

However it crashes almost right away with a black screen when I launch it.

I try to debug it with Xcode, however when I build to run it on my iPhone and catch the error, the “running on device” gets stuck on the following :

What can I do with this? I’m stuck with an app doomed to die once ios11 gets released, anyone could help?

Does this also happen when you create a new app with `ionic start blank blank --type=ionic1" and run this one?


No, the problem doesn’t seem to happen on a new blank app.

Which of course suggest there might be something wrong with a plugin, or a js library, or anything actually since this bug line says nothing much. :confused:

But it tells you it can be fixed - which is a good thing.

Does the app really crash or does it just hang?

@Sujan12, the app really crashes when launched normally.
And it just hangs on the loading splashscreen when run from xcode, being stuck at that “breakpoint”.

Is it possible that it’s only the Beta of IOS11 that brings problem?

This beta doesn’t seem very stable, I don’t want to spend countless hours trying to debug something I have no control over. Even more since I am very bad at using xcode, I only use it to build my .ipa

Is there any xcode expert here who could help out with this issue?

Of course, it’s a beta.

Are you using WKWebView? That would be the first plugin I would look at (issues on Github, try to remove it).

Isn’t the WKWebView plugin necessary to make an ionic app working on iphone?
Or did I misunderstand its purpose?

I checked on xcode a bit more where this breakpoint are coming from, seems like they are coming from almost all my js libraries and plugins… don’t know if it’s really helping.

I will look a bit more into WKWebView plugin then :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about Ionic v1, but WKWebView is an alternative webview to the one Cordova brings. It may be faster and better in some aspects, but not necessary.

Well, seems like WKWebView plugin was the faulty one here!

It does break on IOS11. Thanks a lot for pointing it out @Sujan12 !

I can get back to development, but I’m still wondering if removing it won’t lower the performance of my app in some ways… I’ll have to investigate on it.

Definitely also have a look at the issue of the plugin - there is active development going on there as this should one day become default, so information like this breaking for you is important.

Hi @pierro - I’m wondering where you netted out on this issue? I’m also seeing this wkwebview error when testing the app on ios11 simulator. Thanks in advance.

Not gonna lie, i didn’t fix anything about it, I’m really not expert enough about this plugin to dig into it.

I simply and shamelessly removed it, and it fixed my problem right away.

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Ha, thanks. I just updated the plugin to the latest version and my issue went away. WkWebView definitely has performance improvements that I didn’t want to lose.

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