iOS Self-signed app crashes

Hello, I’ve experienced following issue already a few times with a few of my Ionic 2 apps on IOS:

  • I’ve developed a very simple app (only a started app nothing fancy)
  • Installed the app with with XCode with a self-signed certificate on my iPhone
  • The app works as normal
  • A few days later, when I try to launch the app on my iPhone, the app crashes (no error message)
  • I plug my iPhone to my Mac to synch it (to get error reports)
  • After this, the app works again / no crash

Other people reported the same, after I installed my app on their phone the same way (for testing). After a few days the app crashes.

One possibility could be that the app tries to write something to the phones storage, but there is now space available(?). And after synching, crash reports have been downloaded to free up some space then the app works again?

Has anyone experienced the same?

PS: These tests happened with a regular apple ID. I will test again a iOS developer account.

Hi @pbreuss I’ve the same issue, have you found how solve it?

I believe that the self-signed certificate simply expires after a few days (?)

I don’t think so,

I’m using a iOS developer account, the distribution profile and certificate expires on Feb 28, 2018, and in the XCode I set it in “release”.

“Sorry for English Mistakes”.