Anyone have push working on IOS?

Hi Ionic Team,

First of all thank you for the amazing framework, I have been using it for awhile and love it.

I am now however having an issue which I have spent two days trying to solve and im now totally stuck.

I am trying to add ionic push to my app and have followed the guides thoroughly for both IOS and Android.

I have push notifications working on android (although the large image will not send through for android).

But for IOS no matter what I do I cannot get it to work. I have generated my .p12 certificate and uploaded through the CLI to ionic but whenever i send a push it only comes through for android.

Can you confirm the ionic push platform works for IOS?

I am using both

ionic add ionic-platform-web-client
ionic plugin add phonegap-plugin-push

I have set:
ionic config set dev_push false

I have run through these docs to create my certificate:

I have just noticed that I added a password to my p12 certificate but if I do not add one then when I add in it asks me for a password, if I leave it blank it says it cannot be blank?

I check the response of my message and I am getting “ILLEGAL_CREDENTIAL_FORMAT”

Please can you help as I am now totally stuck and really need pushes to work for IOS in my app.

Thank you in advance

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